Celebrating the 15th Sha’ban in DC

A historic and rare gathering followed with the DG, the world famous reciter Mir Hasan Mir and members of the legendary group Zulfiqar-e-Haidari.

The second picture was taken with 3 incredible reciters who have been blessed with heavenly voices and are household names across both the Subcontinent and its diaspora.

From the left; Ali ‘Sachay’ Rizvi, the son of the legendary reciter Sachay Bhai, who was a pioneer in the 20th century for an art known as Nohakhwani. This sacred tradition uses poetry to touch the heart of those listening. Ali Sachay continues in his father’s footsteps.

Mir Hasan Mir is next to Ali Sachay, arguably the most famous Nohakhwan globally.

On the right is Farzad Moosavi, part of the group founded by Sachay bhai and one of the biggest talents in North America in Nohakhwani today.

Both scholars and Nohakhwans play a fundamental role in relaying the historic events of the life of the Ahlul Bayt.

We pray that God keeps our unity and grants us success to spreading this message of love and peace, through talk and poetry.