Today the Edinburgh Ahlul Bayt Society, in association with Imamia Medics International, presented one of our most critically extolled and well-received events.
The crux of today’s lecture by Professor Shabih Haider Zadi was the place of Islamic doctrine in the dogmas of medical ethics.
The Professor’s speech was especially fascinating in that he initially expounded on the prevailing theories of western moral philosophy before presenting Shi’a Islam’s own.
We are extremely grateful to the Professor for having journeyed so far just to attend to todays event and for all his preparation.
We would also like to thank Councillors Shabbar Jaffery, Paul Edie, Andrew Burns and Ricky Henderson for having accepted our invitation and joined us in today’s quite visionary event.
The IMI laid the constituent groundwork of this event and for this we sincerely thank them, and also all those who attended and for the support they pledged.

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