Sunday 25th August 2019

The Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society was pleased to have been a part of the annual Mehfil e Dhikr gathering in Manchester in association with our partners Syed Mohammed Suqlain Shah, Chairman at Khadman e Dar Ul Ehsan Scotland (of the Sunni Tradition), and part of their delegation to the Manchester Chapter.

Intrafaith unity was demonstrated between denominations of Islam, and worship was held together. It was an honour and privilege to have met with Allama Hamzah Hassan Qadri, and members of the Manchester Central Mosque – Victoria Park Committee. We collectively pray for the Almighty’s Peace and Mercy upon all.

‘يا حي يا قيوم’
‘Yā Ḥayyu Yā Qayyūm’

‘O the Ever-Living, The Ever-Lasting One!’