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Help the Homeless, Glasgow food drop off 2

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The Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society and the Lodging House Mission came together to provide foodstuffs to the elderly and vulnerable in collaboration with Help the Homeless, Glasgow, a non-profit group who go out regularly to distribute food, sleeping bags and other essentials to homeless people in Glasgow City Centre.

Was lovely to meet with Shabir Beg from the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society, again this morning 😊 making positive links and sharing resources to enable us all to help as many people as we can 👍Thank you for this tremendous haul of donations 🙏 we are going to share this with Amanah Project Glasgow to help them with their work in supporting families with food parcels #SharingIsCaring 👫👭👬It won't let me tag SABS but you guys can click the link below 👇 to their facebook page to see all of the great work that they do. Also click above 👆 for the Amanah Project, only a small project but has helped us massively at HTHG for a few years now 🙏

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