Imam Razawi, The Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society’s Director General, Shabir Beg, Chairman, Ali Abbas Hussnain, Youth Strategic Director and Asif Sheikh, Interfaith Strategic Coordinator meeting with Iain Stewart, Director of Edinburgh Interfaith Association, RT. Rev. Dr George Whyte, Edinburgh Presbytery Clerk, RT. Rev. Dr A. Johns Armes, Bishop of Edinburgh, Archbishop Mario Conti, Sr Isabel Smyth OBE, Fr Jim Crampsey, RT. Rev. Bill Hewitt, Presbytery Clerk, Rev. Roy Henderson, Provost Rev. Kelvin Holdsworth, Vice Provost Rev. Cedric Blakey, Syed Ahsan Raza Shah, Pakistan Consul General and Sr Maureen Sier, Director of Interfaith Scotland. The meetings and all the information, insights and ideas that were shared therein, proved to be a tremendous step towards fortifying our fellowship, with a view to celebrating diversity, and working towards social cohesion and the prosperity of society.