‘Keep The Memory Alive Holocaust Memorial Day 2015′ Event.
With special guest speakers: Ela Weissberger (survivor of the Terezin ghetto) Hasan Hasanović (Bosnian genocide survivor) and Irina Winfield (testimony from the Armenian genocide) Organised by Edinburgh Inter Faith Association.

It was an honour for the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society to have upheld the common duty to fundamental human rights, to have paid tribute to the victims of genocide. We would like to express our gratitude to the organisers of the Holocaust Memorial Day event for delivering what was a harrowing and deeply emotional function comprising a most sombre look at one of the world’s recent and most devastating tragedies. And the reality is that this dark side of humanity has manifested itself throughout history, and even subsists to this day with people as yet suffering untold oppression and genocide. However, such events serve to also ignite in us a spirit of fraternity and unity with which we may instead work to advance peace and cooperation; our prayers be to Allah [swt] that He remove all oppression from the oppressed and all suffering from those who suffer at the hands of others. Our thanks are to all those who organised and facilitated the very pertinent event, namely Iain Stewart, General Secretary of the Edinburgh Inter Faith Association and Boroughmuir High School.

(Pics courtesy of Edinburgh Inter Faith Association)