Imam Hussain Day 2021

As Imam Hussain Day is marked today, the 12th October, we give an excerpt of a prayer of Imam Hussain in thanksgiving and praise of the Almighty. Remembered by hundreds of millions as a mighty saviour and champion of justice, compassion and sacrifice, the Imam is also recognised as a Saint and Spiritual Master by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
“O my Master! It is You Who bestowed (upon me).
It is You who conferred favours (upon me).
It is You who did good (to me).
It is You who treated (me) excellently.
It is You who favoured (me).
It is You who perfected (Your blessings upon me).
It is You who provided (me) with sustenance.
It is You who led (me) to success.
It is You who gave (me).
It is You who enriched (me).”

ImamHussainDay #SABS