Inaugural Unity Peace Walk Glasgow

Under the direction, guidance and support of our Director-General Sheikh Sayed Ali Abass Razawi, the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society was absolutely privileged to have been partners at the first inaugural Peace Walk and Dhikr gathering in Glasgow, with Khadman-e-Dar-ul-Ehsan, as part of our integral and newly established Alliance. The procession has proven a historical moment for Scotland, and its Pakistani and sub-continental communities. The seeds were sown by Mahboob al Hassan Gilani …of International Naat Council, as well as al Hassan Gilani and Tanveer al Hassan Gilani.

The walk and subsequent program highlighted peace, and interfaith/intrafaith unity. We are especially grateful to the keynote speakers of the gathering: His Grace Archbishop Mario Conti, Archbishop Emeritus of Glasgow Archdiocese and Chair of the Bishops’ Committee for Inter-religious Dialogue, Rev Neil Galbraith, Parish Minister for Cathcart Old Parish Church, Rev Peter Gill, Parish Minister for Wallneuk North Church Paisley, Shaheen Baber, Police Scotland Chief Inspector, and Inspector David Duncan. Our thanks are also to the esteemed guests who came from London, Birmingham and Manchester. Archbishop Conti has played a pivotal role in bringing these fellowships to fruition, and indeed his words resonated with all present as he demonstrated the wisdom and need for engagement, and deepened the understanding and association we share in the name of peace and harmony. The Scottish Government chief whip Bill Kidd MSP has also played an integral role in the materialization of the advances that have been made.

We, at the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society, were truly humbled and spiritually uplifted by the special prayers rendered yesterday. (29/05/16)

Also, the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society extends our thanks to Bill Kidd MSP, chief whip of The Scottish Government, for his tremendous support, and for lodging the following motion in The Scottish Parliament on the Inaugural Peace Walk and Dhikr gathering in Glasgow, which the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society was absolutely privileged to have been partners in with Suqlain Shah and his team at Khadman-e-Dar-ul-Ehsan.

Motion S5M-00368: Bill Kidd, Glasgow Anniesland, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 07/06/2016

That the Parliament congratulates the Islamic Unity Alliance, newly established by the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society (SABS) in partnership with Khadman-e-Dar-ul-Ehsan and with the direction of Suqlain Shah, on its successful Peace Walk and Dhikr meeting in Glasgow on 29 May 2016, which highlighted peace, togetherness and interfaith/intrafaith unity; notes that key speakers at this event included Archbishop Mario Conti, Archbishop Emeritus of Glasgow Archdiocese and Chair of the Bishop’s Committee for Inter-religious dialogue; further notes that several congregational members from across the UK also participated, including representatives from the Sunni Muslim of the Qadariyyah sufi and the Roman Catholic Church; understands that the speakers focused on the need for engagement to deepen the understanding and association that congregations across Scotland need to ensure peace and harmony; applauds Director-General Sayed Ali Abass Razawi and SABS chairman Shabir Beg for their great work in promoting cross-faith unity in Scotland, and wishes the Islamic Unity Alliance continued success in the future.

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