Interfaith Peace Hike, Ben Lomond, 02/08/15

It was a riveting experience and a great pleasure to have participated in an interfaith peace walk up Ben Lomond on 02/08/15 along with our friends from the faiths of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The aim was to achieve fellowship with people of other Abrahamic faiths, to come together to know each other, and for members of each of the respective faiths to then offer prayers of peace and goodwill – for the nation and the world – to the Almighty at the summit of Ben Lomond. Our many thanks are to The Rev Cedric Blakey, Vice Provost of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow, for the kind invitation and for organising such an inspirational event.

Prayer recited:

O God, our creator and sustainer

O the Most High; O the All-great

O the All-forgiving; O the All-merciful

You are the All-great Lord

the All-hearing, the All-aware;

we have come together today O Lord to sow the seeds of unity and fellowship

so O God make them blossom and flourish, in this generation and all to come

in this nation and all nations

through Thy bounty, O God, free us from need,

through your mightiness, lift us up,

through your boundless plenty, open our hands,

and with that which is with you, suffice us!

bless us in

that which you provide us,

that which you confer upon us,

and that through which you favour us,

increase in us our love for humanity and your creation

and make us in all our states

united, safeguarded,

watched and protected,

O God as you have caused us to come together this day,

so also bring together our communities, from today, till the end of time as lovers of peace and goodwill

O God you are Peace, Peace is from you, Peace is for you, and unto you does peace return

O God grant peace to all present here, to their families, to their communities in Glasgow and Edinburgh, to their friends and neighbours

and extend this peace to all people wherever they may be

O God, Instil Happiness in our Spirits

O God, Enrich the poor

O God, Satisfy the hungry

O God, Clothe the unclothed

O God, Cure the sick

And O God, Change Our State Into Your Beautiful State

O God Surely You Are powerful Over all things