It was a privilege to have the Very Rev John Chalmers, Honorary Chaplain to the Queen and Principal Clerk to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, give a talk on his year as Moderator to members of both the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society‘s Youth Committee and its Women’s Wing. The gathering was warm and pleasant. In effect, it saw a special conversation being had across faiths. The Principal Clerk and former Moderator shared the highs and lows, the memorable and auspicious, and the crucial and ceremonial aspects of his tenure as Moderator of the Church of Scotland. It was moving and worthwhile to dialogue and reminisce; learning in greater depth the workings of the Kirk. The evening proved important as stress was laid upon some of the commonalities we share in theology and virtues, and the challenges faced by those of all faiths. As we withdrew to catch sight of the bigger picture, the need for continued interfaith communication and relations was intimated, along with recognition of the fundamental role of this nation’s young people as peacemakers. The gathering closed as we came together and partook of hospitality. Our many thanks extend to the the Very Rev John Chalmers for his time and company.