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To meet the needs of the faithful, in a world which has been exacerbated by the global pandemic, it has been deemed appropriate that a council of scholars be brought together for the purpose of theological and jurisprudential guidance.

This council will cater for the needs of the English speaker in the Western context.

SABS is grateful for the opportunity to facilitate in the creation of the Islamic Jurisprudential Council (I.J.C.)

Core Members

Imam Sayed Razawi (UK)
Imam Hyder Mahmood Baig (UK)
Imam Sayed Zafar Abbas (UK)
Imam Sayed Muhammad Rizvi (UK)
Imam Sayed Farazdaq Razvi (UK)
Imam Mohammed Al-Hilli (UK)
Imam Sayed Ali Khalkhali (UK)
Imam Nuru Mohammed (UK)
Imam Seyed Abbas Razavian (USA)
Imam Sayed Bilal Rizvi (USA)
Imam Vinay Khetia (Canada)
Imam Azhar Nasser (Canada)
Imam Sayed Hossein Al Qazwini (Iraq)