A letter of condemnation and reassurance gratefully received by the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society from the National Synod of Scotland around the attacks in New Zealand last Friday.

Dear Imam Razawi

We write following the abhorrent targeting of peace-loving Muslim communities in Christchurch, New Zealand to express our horror at the mass murder. The attack on the Mosques, whilst faithful people were at prayer, is an affront to every person of faith, and indeed to the whole of humanity.

We stand in total solidarity with you and your community. You are people of faith, as are we; you are people of prayer, as are we; you are people of peace, as are we. We rejoice in the rich contribution that Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society proactively make to the life of our nation. It is our privilege to count you as our valued sisters and brothers, for we are each children of God. We pledge to continue to work with you and others in shaping Scotland as a just, peace-making, faith-embracing, tolerant, inclusive and welcoming society.

This letter comes from the National Synod of Scotland’s annual residential Synod Meeting of our churches from across our nation.

Moderator: Revd Dr David Pickering