At this time, Christians across the world remember the birth of the Messiah Jesus Christ, may Peace and Blessings be upon him; one who was strengthened by the Holy Spirit. Muslims too recount the sacred teachings of this exalted Prophet. The Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society, in reverence to this most noble personage, again came together in fellowship with churches from the Church of Scotland, the Scottish Roman Catholic Church. the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Free Church of Scotland to deepen bonds between our faith traditions. Our thanks extend to: his Grace the Most Reverend Leo Cushley, Archbishop and Metropolitan of St Andrews & Edinburgh; the Rt Rev. Dr John Armes, Bishop of Edinburgh, the Very Rev John Conway Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral Edinburgh; the Rev. Calum MacLeod, Minster of St Giles’ Cathedral, Church of Scotland; the Rev. Neil Galbraith, Minister of Cathcart Old Parish Church, Church of Scotland and the Reverend Duncan Peters, Minister of the Free Church of Scotland. Our warm wishes extend to all this season.