SABS STATEMENT of Condolence and Solidarity

SABS STATEMENT of Condolence and Solidarity

By Shabir Beg, Chairman, Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society (SABS)

We are deeply saddened by news of the three tragic terrorist attacks carried out by Daesh around Baghdad, Iraq, due to which a great many innocents, women and children, and many Shia Muslims, have lost their lives, and many more have been injured.

We earnestly pray to the Almighty, the Lovingly Merciful, for the victims, and our heartfelt condolences and sympathies go out to their families.

Let our severe condemnation of these despicable attacks be known, in solidarity with all those affected. We pray that the Almighty, the Ever-Generous, unite us in supporting and aiding all those undergoing these terrible trials and tragedies.

May He allow us to collaborate as one to rid the world of misfortune and injustice, and to effect everlasting peace and harmony.

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