First Aid Course for Sisters

We would like to convey to David Garbutt, Chairman of the Scottish Ambulance Service’s as much as is possible from the depth of our gratitude – with special mention to be afforded to Yvonne and Arif who came and facilitated the session – for having provided our community the invaluable experience that was the short First Aid training course on the 25th March 2015. The training was of immense benefit to all those who attended, and each of them gave their earnest thanks to yourselves for making available to them such a constructive and beneficial course. We’d like to take this opportunity to also commend you all on all the other noble work you are involved in, and hope that you continue the life-saving services that you provide. We hope to again enjoy of the pertinent knowledge and training that your First Aid courses supply.

A special thanks goes out to Br Tariq Iqbal.