The Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society was delighted to have supported Social Bite’s ground-breaking Sleep in the Park campaign by encouraging Muslims and people across the country to contribute to effect a sweeping blow against homelessness, its causes and consequences.
Thousands of people took part in the world’s largest sleep-out, raising £3.6 million at the start of the evening to be used in the drive to end homelessness through the provision of housing, rehabilitation, support systems and opportunities.
There are 11,000 homeless households in Scotland. The onus is upon us, the people of this country, to ban together in our collective generosity of spirit to help those less fortunate, and to use last night’s event as the catalyst to effect such a transformation.
It was a privilege to have met a number of charities on the ground who are all undertaking important work, and to have spoken with people who share a vision of kindness, not least Sir Bob Geldof and other eminent guests.
We thank the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Rt. Rev. Dr Derek Browning for establishing the link between us and Josh Littlejohn, the brain behind Sleep in the Park and a co-founder of Social Bite. We believe the concept of Sadaqah, or charity, is crucial to the collective well-being of the Almighty’s creation, and in thankfulness to Him for the bounties He has given us must we also share these with our neighbours, and even strangers, here and across the world.