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The Queen’s New Year Honours List – Mr Shabir Beg OBE

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‘Congratulations to all Scots who were recipients of awards in The Queen’s New Year Honours List. It’s terrific to see remarkable people being recognised for some truly remarkable work.

I also strongly believe that there are a great number of deserving people who, whilst not listed, carry out activities that prove nothing short of critical to the stability and successes of our nation, across sectors and domains.

That my name sits along side the names of some truly exceptional people humbles me. I do not deem myself fit for this recognition, and so firstly extend my heartfelt gratitude to our Muslim communities across Scotland, and then to my family, friends, and colleagues, to all of whom this award truly belongs.

A mandatory mention to Scotland’s various faith communities and families: The journey of interfaith engagement requires all parties to be equally impassioned about it. And so thanks is owed to all who opened their arms to Scotland’s Muslim communities across denominations — we are loyal to the cause of peace-building, and work in fellowship with all who share that ideal.

I pray that our communities would continue to innovative new approaches to improving interfaith relations as the challenges we face globally transform and become ever more complex. And I hope that the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society will continue to put its heart and soul into working on the frontlines.’

Mr Shabir Beg OBE – Chairman of the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society

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