8th October 2021 – The occasion of Arbaeen this year falls on the 8th October. Across the world, millions of people of peace and honour commemorate the sacrifice of Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, over a millennium ago. The Imam stood for the purest human values and virtues, of justice, compassion, righteousness, and sacrifice.

In a time of global travel restrictions, millions are unable to take part in the pilgrimage to Imam Hussain’s grave in Iraq as part of the world’s largest annual gathering. So instead, inspired by that march, SABS’ Brother Ameed Versace brings the peace walk to Scottish soil.

Observing COVID-19 regulations, Ameed’s walk has seen him today stop off at the places of friends — supporting charitable, civic and religious organisations who share an ethos of working for the common good. Thank you to all of them for upholding this mission of harmony and solidarity, and participating in a legacy that spans 1400 hundred years. And thank you to Herald Scotland for publishing this story.

Scottish Walk for Peace stop off points:

Paisley Abbey
St Mirin’s Cathedral Paisley
Lourdes Secondary, Jesuit monastery nearby
Police Scotland, Helen Street, Govan
The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice, Bellahouston Park
Rangers Charity Foundation at Ibrox
Fire Service Govan
Glasgow the Caring City HQ
St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow
Central Gurdwara Glasgow, Berkeley Street
Shia Mosque Ashley Street
Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service, Glasgow Blood donation centre
The Trades House of Glasgow and Merchants House, Merchant City
George Square Cenotaph
St Andrew’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Glasgow, Clyde Street
Glasgow Cathedral, High Street
Interfaith Glasgow, Springburn
Interfaith Scotland, Springburn