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Tawḥīd- Monotheism

Monotheism is the essence of Islam. It is the affirmation that there is no other divinity other than the Almighty God....

ʿAdl - Divine Justice

God is Just and He never wrongs. Moreover, He does not have a cause for injustice toward His creatures, for injustice is an immoral action....

Nubuwwah - Prophethood

Prophets are individuals who received Divine revelation and guidance to lead humanity towards righteousness....

Imāmah – Divine Leadership

The major distinction between the Shī’a Ithnā ʿAsharīs and the other Islamic schools of thought revolves around the issue of Imamah...

Qiyāmah – The Day of Judgment and Resurrection

The day of resurrection will be the end of days, when all of mankind will be brought back to life in their original forms....
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